Here at Chic With Me ,we help our clients to grow their blog traffic with social media and currently we only handle Pinterest and Tiktok pages because they’re the biggest social media platforms for bloggers,Pinterest for imagery and Tiktok for videos.

Now ,Tiktok is specifically targeted at Gen Z ,who will believe are the future of business as they are the future consumers of whatever products or services your company is offering,so what best time to start than now.

Also,if your products are that which appeal to these youngsters,it’s a win win for you .

Pinterest on the other hand is really good for bloggers,creators and affiliates because unlike other social media platforms,they link directly to the blog post ,course or product you want people to see.

Below are works we’ve done and testimonials from clients we’ve worked with.

Chic With Me Pinterest Page

Take a look at this Pinterest we’ve grown from scratch in just three months

Tiktok Page

Look at how we made use of Tiktok tactics and strategies and grew this page to this in just one week

What The People Are Saying

I hired Chic with me to manage my page for three days and I got 500 new followerrs

Ngozi Aneke

My business has gotte a lot more exposure since Chic With Me explained how Pinterest helps to explode your traffic. I said sure why not,let’s give it a try. Two months later,we’re at 56k monthly views and 1.2k followers

Jerry Bradshaw

I used to be a Facebook person and still learning the ins and outs of Instagram.Till I met with Chic With Me, a Gen Z content creator and she explained the importance of reaching out to her generation by making Tiktok videos ,because 80% of social media users are Gen Z. I’m a caner shy… Continue reading Anne McKlein

Anne McKlein