8 Ways To Level Up Your Living Space

Have you ever come back to your room and you’re feeling angry and see laundry littered all around.Have you always wondered why your quality of sleep is not so sound.Keep Reading to find out why😌.

Your physical appearance isn’t the only important aspect of your level up .There’s the mental,social,spiritual and environmental aspect.Your demography,places you frequent e.g church/mosque,work,school and your home are all parts of the environmental.

Now your home is the most important because you move from there to other places to do whatever you have for the day.It can make or mar your day.It affect the quality of your sleep.It also a representation of yourself.Imagine someone who knows you from the someone else as a polished woman,then comes into your home and it looks like a pig sty,a dr*g dealers home.

I’m here to teach eight simple ways you can make your living space especially your bedroom,pretty and conducive for your relaxation.

First you have to choose a color pallet for your room and decorate it according to that ,your style,is it minimalist or glam ,monochrome or mix and match ,neutrals or pinky girlie colours and then decorate tastefully according to your personality.

Clean up your room

Always make your bed and change sheets regularly. Do your laundry.Vaccum to get rid of dust and lint.Raise bed stands and tables to be able to clean properly.Limit the amount of laundry in your room by washing regularly instead of leaving it to pile.


These are so much better than conventional air fresheners because you don’t need to always reapply.Just set them and you’re good to go.They leave your room smelling fresh all the time. They also double as decor because of the beautiful strings they come with and in colorful bottles as well.


Some people might be allergic to diffusers. They help to clean the air and ensure you’re breathing in fresh O2 always.All you need to do in fill them with water and turn them on and you’re good. Your room is decongested and filled with fresh air. Ensure to open your windows from time to time.

Scented candles

Incorporating scented candles in your room are another sure fire way to set up your room standards.They come in different sizes,shapes and colors.They beautify your room and also leaves it smelling like heaven.

Plush sheets and multilayering

Use cotton sheets and silk pillow cases.Use a mattress topper to make your bed more streamlined and comfortable.Top with a soft duvet.

To get that hotel standard.You should have to pad with soft bedding and multiple pillows.A comfy bed promotes good sleep and good adequate sleep is a priority for a feminine woman.


There’s a reason why Earth is called Mother Earth ,sea and skies are all shielded by goddesses.It because nature is associated with femininity and all feminine women ought to be in touch with nature.Hence, the reason for plants and other greenery.

If you’re the not the type that wants to be a plant mum or really scared of anything that may bring in insects,you have the option of buying fake potted plants.They still give the same feel and uplift your spirits when you see them as well.

Decor: books, small art

When you have set up all of the above, you may have a desk or side stool or shelf that is very plain looking and you want to add a bit of spice to it.That is why they are decorative books and small piece of art you can use for decoration.

For your bookshelves,that seem a little too empty ,you can add them to add volume and add more colour to your other books

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