First Date Etiquette for Ladies

Hello ladies,

Love is the air and some are happy to catch it ,others will simply sniff it and throw it away 😂.

Now etiquette is a very important aspect of our lives but at times a lot of people find themselves struggling with it,but hey,anything can be learned yunno(winks).

Keep reading if you want to know how to behave to earn respect from your date and keep him hooked.


Don’t be late,that’s bad manners,but don’t be too late as well,so you don’t look too eager,yes it’s not your first date but a lady should always be pursued as seen as the price.


Step out of the car with your two legs instead of climbing out of the car with one at a time,to avoid flashing your date.


Look around the room once you enter .It shows you’re confident.Don’t look down.Chin up and enter the place smiling . Don’t drag feet or put your hands behind you


Don’t click your plates with your cutlery (I emphasize on this a lot. Don’t scrape your plate to finish your meal.Eat slowly.Hold the glass by

Use of Gadgets

Keep your phones off the table and out of sight while on a date .You don’t want to get distracted while texting plus it’s also rude to share your concentration to things other than the reason why you’re there.


Appreciate your date for the time spent.Even if they date didn’t go well,simply revoke his access to you after the date ,hence no second date,rather than making a fuss and causing a drama ,which is the opposite of elegance.

You should already practice all these at home for yourself, not just for anybody so it becomes part of you.

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