How To Rebrand And Reinvent Yourself As A High Value Feminine Woman

Anytime a lot of people hear the word ‘Level Up’ .They think it means moving out to a new house,going all out to buy designer items and change your wardrobe.

Sometimes the things that don’t cost any money make all the difference.

In this post I’ll be talking about a ton of little actions that can set you off on your level up journey and they don’t even cost a dime.

They are simple behavioral changes that can be incorporated to your daily life and then formed into a habit after some time. Mental level up on the inside is as important physical level up — going all out and changing your wardrobe to look good (which is really important, but not what to put all your focus on).

Here are a few things you can do become a high value woman:

1. Fix your potty mouth.No one wants to be around a lady who uses swear words or talks anyhow. You have to know how to address people.Rather say “fuck” “bloody-“ you can opt for “oops” , “my goodness” ,“oh my” etc.

2. Have manners.Learn etiquette to use at dining,buffet etc.Simple things like the way you sit,come out of a car and address people are things that show your elegance and class.

3. Be discreet.Everything you do doesn’t have to be seen or heard.It kills your mystery and mystique.

4. Make your energy and anger expensive so you’re not easily accessible.Every should not be able to talk to you at every point in time.They should not be able to trigger you and make you loose yourself because they know what sets you off.Learn comportment.

5. Clean up your social media of all memes,pictures and things that do not resonate with your persona.Avoid,unfollow and blockpages that will trigger you.Hence you should mind your behavior on social media.Always try to be neutral in political issues to avoid getting into trouble and don’t get involved in social justice fighting.

6. Attend culture and charity events.They increase your IQ, teach you a lot of things you didn’t know before plus you meet a lot of new people that can later be friends.

7. Be a good friend by not bringing up your problems when your friends are telling you their problems.Try to listen to them and even if you don’t have anything to say, you can console them and tell them it will be fine.

8. Manage your finances. You need to be in control of your money.Know how it comes in and how quickly it gets out. You don’t want to be caught broke in the middle of the month.It doesn’t cost anything,just your paper and pen and maybe Microsoft excel.

9. Work out and eat healthy.Cut out the junk food.It’s not good for health,waistline or BMI.If you’re working out and trying to gain or lose weight, you will need a lot of proteins,fruits and natural foods.It’s also good for your heart in the long run.

10. Your living space should be clean and a reflection of you.Your bed should always be made every morning so your room always looks tidy and you want to come back to it every night.Even if you cannot afford glam decor and all that ,maintaining a clean monochrome room outlook that smells fresh is key.Incorporate scented candles, diffusers and plants into your room.They help your room smell fresher and also add a bit of spice to it as they can be used for decoration.

11. Wake up early.The most productive days are those which you start on time .When you wake up by 5am , you work out and go about your daily chores and then move on to work or school.By the time you’ve done all these. You get back by 8pm tired and you will have your bath and sleep off.Early to bed they say ,is early tor rise.

12. Start doing.Work on your goals even if you’re making mistakes or feel you’re not ready.You will never be perfect nor 100% ready. You have to always start with what you have and where you’re at and then move from there.You will find out that you learn a lot on the way before you even have the facilities to get to where you want to be.Baby steps are allowed.Consistency and direction is really all you need and not speed.Like the proverbial tortoise,slow and steady always wins the race.So just start and keep on going because little drops of rain are what fills the river.

13. Have hobbies.Have things that you enjoy doing apart from work or school or hanging out with friends.It make you more attractive and seen as high quality especially if it’s a high rates activity like playing corporate sports e.g golf,singing,drawing,etc. You can develop it as a talent and monetize it if you want.If what you’re learning is a corporate sport like golf,you can get the opportunity to network with like minded high value men and women.

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