How To Look Expensive — Expert Tips To Looking Expensive Without Breaking The Bank

Ladies,we need to learn to stop rushing to buy expensive designer bags when starting to level up without first noting the things we actually need. No one cares if you’re carrying a Chanel purse or wearing a Balmain top if you look tattered,your hair is disheveled,coffee stains on your teeth and loose threads are sticking out of your outfit,plus your outfits are faded.

These are all tips that require little or no money but go a long way in improving the way you’re perceived overall in the society.


1. Choose fabrics gotten from natural sources like cotton,linen,silk and wool(or cashmere).Avoid cheap looking clothes like lycra,polyester and other synthetic materials.

2. Avoid neon colors like a plague and stick to neutrals and pastels,they look really nice on women

3. Your clothes should be tailored to make sure they fit you perfectly.They should not be too tight and not too loose.

4. Always check your outfits to ensure there’s no loose thread coming off.Those thing take away a lot from your look.

5. Create and have a capsule wardrobe ready in order to have the appropriate clothes for every occasion.

6. Always buy quality clothes that will last you a long time instead of going out on a shopping spree and buying a bunch of low quality clothes that will thin,fade or tear with time.

7. Have mental pictures of what you want to buy when going shopping so you do not buy things you do not need because they were attractive to your eyes or because the sales consultant convinced you to buy it.

8. Take advantage of sales and brands that sell affordable quality products for less to get more outfits without breaking the bank

9. Get rid of all your torn or faded clothes and invest in new quality ones.

10. Wear dupes and replicas if you really want the bag because of the design or because of the brand.

11. Iron your outfits.Creases,wrinkles and lines do not look good on your clothes.They give off cheap vibes and make an outfit look way less than it cost.Whereas ironing your clothes can make it look the opposite (more expensive than it costs).

12. Your shoes should match your bag. Always.It’s a rule so you don’t look like you stepped out of your house running late and Helter skelter

13. Wear panty hose.Stocking fish nets give you this elegant,rich,Parisian look.It takes your look from 85 to 100.

14. Avoid multi/big logos on bags,clothes etc.They scream : “Look at me, I just won the lottery and I’m spending it buying things I never would have had access to”.Wealth is quiet not loud so always keep that in mind to tone things down when shopping.

15. Invest in good statement pieces,could be a watch or a bag,invest in only quality bag and watch and it mustn’t be designer or a high end designer (you can get quality feminine watches from Kate Spade, Anne Klein , Coach and Micheal Kors



Hair should be done properly according to your hair texture e.g If you have a type 4c hair, you should not be washing your hair daily nor manipulating from time to time.They should be worn in protective styles like braids or wigs.Colours should always be natural:black,brown,blonde and burgundy and not primary colours that no human being was born with like pink,blue,etc.

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Every high value feminine woman should know the importance of taking care of her skin.When you take every thing off, your skin will still be there with you till the end of time . You’ve always washed and took care of clothes that you didn’t own forever so why not take care of that which will be with you for a very long time. You invest in make up and all to cover up your skin but can’t take out time to invest in your skin.

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Brows And Lashes

Your brows should be properly carved and trimmed to fit your face. You may decide to get them threaded,micro bladed or micro shades.Always do your micro shading with moderation no matter what the lash tech tells you.Always have a visual of what you want to do.

Natural lashes are also good for you rather than 25mm lashes.They hide your face and take away from your beauty.Always remember to tone things down to give you that natural,effortless,’I woke up like this look’ . You get more credit when you look like you didn’t even have to try.


Always make sure you avoid extra long ,bejeweled,coffin nails.Those Cardi B nails do not look good on a feminine woman. You may see celebrities wear it to promote their music videos but half of them don’t it wear it anywhere else asides the studio ,which is why you shouldn’t copy them.

Always stick to natural colors.They look better on you.

Also you can learn how to do your nails to save costs.Alternatively,if you’re in a haste(which might be a mistake because feminine women always prepare beforehand and nothing takes them unawares), you can make use of your press on nails.

Try to grow out your natural nails too so can rock them from time to time unashamedly.


You may not be able to afford a professional teeth whitening session but you can always whiten your teeth with a whitening toothpaste or some baking soda to get rid of any stains caused by coffee or nuts so you can have that million dollar smile.

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