8 Qualities Of Classy ,Elegant And Feminine Ladies

When you see this 🇺🇸,you know it’s the US Flag,and if you see it in someone’s car , you know that he or she is a patriotic US citizen. When you see a police man on uniform 👮🏻‍♂️, you immediately recognize him.If you see a lady on scrub or labcoat 👩🏻‍⚕️ 🥼 with a stethoscope 🩺, you automatically know that she is a doctor.

Ever organization has a logo or an emblem which they can be recognized with anywhere they go.

Now they are certain characteristics that elegant women have that make them seem as such without even saying a word.Those qualities or features are what we will be highlighting in this post.They are as follows:

1. An elegant woman doesn’t gossip.She doesn’t entertain backtalks.She sends gossips right back to tell the topic of discussion what they have to say to their face.She knows that condoning a gossip today might make you the next topic of discussion tomorrow.

8 Qualities of Classy ,Elegant & Feminine ladies

2. An elegant woman wears outfits appropriate for the event and weather.Whether summer ,winter or solstice,the classy woman is always dressed tastefully,from church to events to charity events,she always know the right outfits to put on.You cannot wear a 40 inch blonde weave with 25mm lashes to see the President(you’re not Cardi B nor Meghan Thee Stallion do you clearly do not have that celebrity privilege to dress anyhow you want .Hurts but it’s true,life is not fair so we have to act accordingly and make it unfair to our advantage.

3. An elegant woman is not loud. She is soft spoken and tender. She never uses swear words.Her speech is well articulated with proper grammar.She doesn’t make use of joiners such as “basically,uhmm,so,as in “.

4. An elegant woman is not seen everywhere.She knows how to find a balance between making herself visible and not being seen in unfavorable places.

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5. An elegant woman has manners and treats people with respect.From the doorman,to the waiter to the President,she understands that everyone is human and deserves respect irrespective of societal ranks and positions.She knows that we are all equal before God |Allah so she is kindhearted to everyone she comes across,young or old.

Elegant women 
Audrey Hepburn carrying a child

6. An elegant woman is always learning and unlearning.She is not afraid of growth or change.She understands that the world is dynamic and change is constant.She listens to advise and learns to what to work on and improve.She is open minded and does not hold on to a lie because that is what she is used to.Her bias is reduced to the barest minimum.

Elegant woman reading 
Knowledge is power 
Qualities of elegant women 
Qualities of classy women 
Qualities of feminine women

7. An elegant woman doesn’t name drop to show who she knows.This behavior is a huge turn off for a lot of people in quality circles.It seems as though you’re trying so hard to be a part of that circle. You know what they say about empty vessels making the mist noise? If you have something, you won’t talk about it as much,it will just speak for itself.If you know people,they will show up for you so you don’t have to talk a lot about the people you know.

8. An elegant woman is an ardent listener.It’s quite rude to say “huh” when someone is speaking to you,if you’re not deaf nor in a noisy environment.It shows you were clearly not listening and absent minded.Imagine this scenario: You go out with a friend who introduces you to a prospect client. You talk and exchange pleasantries and on the second meeting you can’t address him/her by their name because you simply weren’t paying attention.It doesn’t tell well on your persona and you may lose that client so you must work on your listening skills.

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