10 Simple Skincare Holy grail tips every feminine woman should know

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Having a good skincare routine is one if the aspects of leveling up and we’re here to show you ten simple ways you can ‘up’ your skincare game this year!

1.Wash face every night

Washing face

Now during the day,our skin is exposed to a lot of stuff like:

⁃ Make up used during the day

⁃ Uv rays

⁃ Dirt etc

And we can’t take those things off by going to bed with a dirty face.If you don’t want to wake up to a face full of breakouts in the morning then do yourself a favor by washing your face at night.

2.Use a separate towel to wipe face

It’s very easy to just wipe your whole body with one towel and quickly run out but is that rush doing you more harm than good?

Imagine transferring bacteria from your back to your very fragile face .Or fungi from your feet to your face,that wouldn’t be be nice 😐.

So save yourself all that and yourself a nice ,soft ,plush towel for your face alone!

3.Wash towels regularly


Now that we’ve established a different towel ,we also have to make sure that those towels are washed regularly and not used for more than at most,one week ,so that we do not introduce the germs we’re fighting into our own bodies .

4.Change pillow case frequently

Your bedding should be changed and washed frequently every week.You deserve to get the feel of clean new sheets as you step into a new week and it will help your skin a lot and only costs a little bit of water and detergent.

5.Use silk sheets and bedding 🛌

Silk bedding

This is so much better for your hair and skin as they feel smoother and easier for your skin to glide on as you sleep.They also help to reduce aging and those weird marks you get when you wake up.Leaving you to wake up to a fresher and more youthful face .

6.Stop physical exfoliation and switch to chemical exfoliating 🧽

Honestly,the pressure from those little grains can cause micro abrasion and micro tears on the surface of the skin because they are so delicate.Imagine scrubbing your acne filled skin and one bursts open.Yikes right?

Also these chemical exfoliates contain AHA and BHA which help so much to improve your skin texture and complexion as well as fight acne and aging signs and renews the skin.

7.Use a cleanser and sunscreen even if you don’t want to do any other thing on your skin 🧴

Applying sunscreen

Honestly,your face needs to be washed to at least get the dirt out and unclog pores a bit.

How can you achieve that without cleaning.This is a major ingredient and even if you’re not big on skincare yet you should have a cleanser.

Also you need a sunscreen of an SPF of at least 30 and maximum of 55 to protect your skin from UVA /UVB rays and free radicals in the atmosphere.

It helps to prevent hyperpigmentation,skin cancer and premature aging.

The good thing is a there are lot of drug store cleansers and sunscreens so you don’t even have to break the bank to own one of these .

8.Drink water 💧

Drinking water

The skin needs hydration and moisture to maintain its moisture barrier.While we can apply serums and moisturizer can do a bit of work from the outside ,the real glow should come from the inside.You also help your kidney to flush out toxins by drinking water.

No one ever got hurt by drinking water but you stand the risk of constipation and dull ,dry looking skin if you don’t take enough water to help your body.

9.Get adequate sleep and rest 💤🛏

Getting adequate sleep advice

Puffy eyes and dark eye circles.We don’t like that over here.Sometimes you have to just put that phone down and get our beauty sleep to wake up glowing and all.

I get that work and school can be draining and a lot needs to be done on this journey we need to learn how to draw the line between work and self care and find time to get some rest.

The best average sleep time for adults is 7 -8 hours and teenagers is 8-10 hours every 24 hours so do what you can do to get that REM sleep!

10.Incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet 🌽 🌶 🍅

Fruits and vegetables tomatoes,oranges,carrots,papaya

Yes I said it !


Fruits and veggies are the answer to all your skincare problems.Well not really all but you get my point.

Remember what I said about the glow coming from the inside☺️.What you eat is huge part of what shows on the outside of your skin and lead you to your skincare goals faster.You can have a good skincare routine but if you eat lots of junk,fried foods and sugar you still will be prone to breakouts.

Eating fruits rich in carotene like papaya ,carrots,tomatoes,citrus like oranges and tangerine and green leafy vegetables like spinach,lettuce and broccoli will leave your skin glowing like nothing else .

Try to eat some fruits and veggies today!

Tell us if you liked the post and which skincare top you already do or struggle with in the comment section below!☺️

5 thoughts on “10 Simple Skincare Holy grail tips every feminine woman should know

  1. I struggle with eating fruits. I’m also allergic to tomatoes and spinach. I’ll stick to drinking water ,wearing spf and the rest.


  2. Sleeping is something I have issues with because I come back tired and just look for things to look at on my phone.
    I really want to learn how to sleep especially on time.Should I take pills?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ginger, I will not advise you to take pills for sleep because sleep is a lifelong thing and you don’t want to take pills for the rest of your life. However, I recommend putting in more efforts to be productive during the day and only want to come home and sleep.
      I also recommend putting your phone away to induce sleep. Take some chamomile tea before bedtime or drink some milk.Put some Epsom salt in your bath to sooth your nerves and muscles after a busy day and calmly put you to sleep.
      I hope these tips really help you Ginger .


  3. I literally do everything here but keeping up with a skincare routine seems so rigorous for me .
    I’ll be fine with just a cleanser and sunscreen because I do not have skin issues .


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