7 Ways To Level Up Your Life And Enhance Your Femininity In 2022

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Femininity -meaning

The qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of women.

Level up – meaning

To improve ones life or standard of living in order to make it the same as other things of its type.

With a new year already set in,you may have made all your new year resolutions and planned out how your year will go plus all the things you hope to achieve.

But somehow,you still find yourself lost,overwhelmed or still moving with the same wind you moved last year.

Do you know why?

Because you haven’t simplified your goals and taken them one at a time,bit by bit.

Not to worry ladies,because I’m here to help you.

Now how many times have ever been in a room and this girl walks in and is turning all the heads in the room.You look and say to yourself,Wow I love her aura ,wish I could be like her.

Well you can,that can be you too.You just don’t know where to start and that’s where I come in.

I’ve broken the tips down ,step by step,you don’t have to do all at once.There are 12 months in a year and if you take each step monthly,or bi monthly,by the end of the year,you’ll be totally unrecognizable!!


A feminine woman always has hair that’s nicely done and put together.You can never see her with tacky hair colours. She sticks to natural colors :black ,brown ,brown ,burgundy as opposed to primary colors like red,blue ,pink etc.

Hair automatically makes a woman look out together and completes her outfit.It also most beautiful when you have natural healthy hair no matter the texture.It is also a plus if it’s long as well.If you want to maintain your natural you will need to be consistent and invest a bit of time ,money and effort into it.

Olaplex has huge array of hair care and protection products to fit every type of hair texture,from conditioners,shampoos and curling creams and you should check them out.

If you’re nappy haired and have fragile hair that break off easily then you have to cover it in protective styles like braids or wear wigs.

RPGshowwigs has a huge range has a whole lot of beautiful and affordable wigs and hair bundles that that you can choose from.

In addition ,Wowebony is a hair company targted at women of colour so you will definitely get a wig or two that will suit you.

AliExpress has a huge array of vendors that sell really,really good wigs ranging from raw hair ,to virgin and you can find one which suits you,your personality and budget.Do well to check them out soon

Remember,only natural colors 😉.

You don’t have any excuse to look disheveled.

You ca also decide to braid as your protective style.

Here are a few elegant braids inspirations to up y braid game.

Smell nice

You have to find your perfect fragrance depending on your personality and what you can afford.

It’s always advisable for feminine women to leave the masculine perfumes and lean towards more fruity ,floral and sweet feminine scents to add to your soft womanly outlook and aura

Thankfully,it doesn’t have to be designer because they are a lot of dupes for your favorite designer perfumes and I have a lot of posts on them.

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Learn to dress for your body type and not what you saw on the model.Build a timeless classic capsule wardrobe so you never run out of things to wear and you don’t have a wardrobe full of items you don’t like.Scan through your closet and sell or give away clothing you feel doesn’t serve you anymore.Buy more clothing and accessories in neutral colors and pastels so you can always reuse and rewear them without it looking like you’re repeating your outfits.

Feminine women also like pink and other feminine colours like light blue,emerald green etc and makes sure to incorporate these into her wardrobe to add a little life and sparkle to the closet full of neutral colors because at times they can tend to be boring.

Make up

A feminine elegant woman has nothing to do with lousy and super colorful makeup.She understands that make up is used to enhance beauty and not take it away and completely change the person.

A simple make up with foundation,concealer moderate eyelashes ,powder ,contour and a little bronzer you’re good to go .You don’t need all those hideous eye shadow colours and humongous lashes they make you look really tacky and take away fbrom your elegance instead of adding to it.

Below are make ideas you can copy and incorporate in your make up looks.


Now that we’ve talked about make up ,we need to look into skincare.

How many of you have seen an artist start painting on a dirty or rough canvas?

How many?


Exactly! An artist needs a smooth and clean foundation to begin the painting.Our skin is the canvas for make up and we need to need to take care of it properly.

You can’t just smack up make up and cover up your troubled skin.

Visit your aesthetician or dermatologist if you have terrible acne .Develop your skincare routine and stick to it even you don’t have any skin issues.

A simple skincare routine consists of a cleanser,skin treatment and moisturizer for night and sunscreen during the day and you apply them in that order.

Remember this may take time but will be totally worth it in the end,so always be patient and kind to yourself.

Cerave foaming facial cleanser
Cerave foaming cleanser
Simple moisturizer
Vitamin C serum
Facial Vitamin C serum
EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

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You need to get your finances up and be in control of it by creating a budget,set some amount of money aside to save or invest monthly.This will really help you in the long run by tracking your expenses,eliminating unnecessary costs and building your net worth.

You can set aside some money every month to your savings.You can save for a business,retirement plan or an emergency.

Acorns is a really good app for saving and investing your small change.That little coffee,pizza and popcorn money is invested little by little everyday and grows into something big each year.

You can read up more about them here and when you’re done,sign up here to start investing away ☺️.

Cryptocurrency is a very lucrative investment to do now.You can be a bear trader where you wait for the coins to drop in price so that you buy and take profits when they rise.You can choose to buy and hold for the long run or annually to grow your wealth.Bitcoin was worth in 2009 when it came out and now is worth over.Imagine if you invested just $10 then,you’ll have over.

If you’re looking for a great place to get started,Coinbase is the place for you.They have a variety of learning materials that can put you through if you’re new to crypto plus they provide a very simplistic platform for trading and use very simple words that everyone can understand.Sign up here to trade away.

Create a second source of income for yourself to elevate your finances.It could be making hair for people, doing nails and make up or laying frontals for people in your local area .This is extremely lucrative if you’re in college,high school or grad school,but if you’re already working,who says you can’t be patronized by your colleagues,bosses or people they know.

Take advantage of social media platforms to showcase your skill like Instagram and Pinterest and bring a lot of customers from far and near if you’re really good at what you do.

Also you can make money off your skill by teach your skill to people by creating video courses on Teachable ,Udemy or Skillshare.

If you don’t know how to get started,I’ve dropped a couple links below that will help you get started creating your online courses with Udemy,Skillshare or Teachable.

You can also dropship with with Shopify,you don’t have to deal with inventory and the rest,just open a Shopify account,design your shop and start uploading products from AliExpress.

Level up your living space

Your home/room is your sanctuary and you have to make it conducive for you to stay in. You don’t want to invite your friends over to a pig sty and most importantly you need a space that calls and makes you always want to go back home to.

I made a whole post on how to level up your living space so you can go read it here.

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