5 Baccarat Rouge Perfume Dupes

Baccarat rouge 540 is one very popular scent that everyone is liking recently.It comes in two forms the extrait de parfum and eau de parfum. The difference between the extrait de parfum and eau de parfum is that the former has a concentration of 20 – 40% of oil concentration while the latter has 15 – 20% of oil concentration.

It’s a very sweet ,mature and feminine scent. The notes in baccarat rouge are: Bitter Almond and Saffron; middle notes are Egyptian Jasmine and Cedar; base notes are Ambergris, Woody Notes and Musk.

Maison Francis kurdijan baccarat rouge 540 extrait de parfum
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The thing about this marvelous popular perfume is

• Getting into a bar or restaurant or walking and half of the ladies smell like that

• The price tag

Well there’s no way we can help you with you with the first, you can either wear it or wait still all the smoke dies down to wear it.

The second one is why we’re here for you

In this post ,you’ll find out what perfumes smell like baccarat rouge 540 and how to get to smell like that for a lesser amount of money.

Here goes nothing :

1.Ariana grande cloud

Ariana Grande Cloud Baccarat Rouge dupes

This perfume by the famous singer Ariana is the exact copy of the baccarat rouge scent Ij a different bottle and a lower price tag.If you won’t feel like you’re wearing a fake or something then you can actually pull this off and get asked : “Are you wearing baccarat when you walk down the road”

2.Dossier Ambery Saffron

Dossier is a like of perfumes dedicated to making affordable options of fragrances then smell exactly or almost exactly the original perfume.

If you’re looking for another perfume that smells like baccarat rouge then here you go: Dossier’s Ambery Saffron

It’s top notes are :saffron and orange blossom

Middle notes are :jasmine ,plum and cedar wood

Base notes are :Oakmoss,Fir Balsam,Amber

3.Zara red temptation

Zara is also another brand that makes dupes or high end designer ,in affordable prices and beautiful bottles as well.

This is red temptation smells like baccarat rouge

It has orange, amber and evernyl notes and is quite an intense, long-lasting fragrance.

4.Baccarat Rouge hair mist

Baccarat rouge scented hair mist Baccarat Rouge dupes

The baccarat rouge 540 extract goes for and the eau de Parfum goes for $500 and $435 respectively for their 100ml bottles.

The hair mist sells for $75 which is a whooping $425 and $360 less than the perfume. Quite a bargain right?

So kill two birds with a stone ,you’re smelling like the baccarat,you’re wearing a scent from MFK and you’ve spent way less money to do that.

5.Baccarat rouge body oil

Baccarat rouge body oil Baccarat Rouge dupes

This oil by MFK is infused with the beautiful baccarat scent .

You can apply this in the shower after bathing to make the scent stick or spritz some on your outfit.You still get the original perfume composition for a lesser price.

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