5 Feminine Byredo Scents Every Woman Should Wear

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We love the minimalist design of the Byredo perfumes. The write up with no distracting designs,a dome cover and a stout,round body and their well thought ,out weird and cheeky names: Gypsy Water ,Mojave ghost and a combination of languages like Rose Noir.

It was founded in 2006 by Ben gorham,who is born to a Canadian father and Indian mother and raised in Toronto,New York and Stockholm . He took a trip to his motherland in India and that was the beginning of the brand Byredo .He interprets things he sees with his eyes into scents form and for that reason he got Frenchmen Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette to help him out with that job.

He uses places,memories ,people,history and art to influence his perfume creations.

Why we think Byredo is one of the best in the niche perfume market

Well ,they have stood out in so many ways

— First with a classy aesthetic that every minimalist would love because the whole exotic perfumes designs doesn’t just appeal to everyone.

— They keep on rolling out exclusive scents for everyone;make,female and unisex scents that everyone can enjoy.

— The cheeky names just make anyone want to buy them. It’s like:

“Ouu,what’s this? Gypsy water,haha,let me see what gypsywater smells like “

— They have a line of other different product sasides perfumes: makeup,home fragrance(scented candles .textile perfumes, room atomizers and diffusers plus hand and body care products.

— Their perfumes come in 50ml and 100ml sizes.They is also the roll on perfume size.

— The perfume density ranges from ,eat de parfum to eau de toilette.They also have the heavy raw extract perfume versions .

So below is our honest review of our top five perfumes by Byredo from least to best in descending order. This is not to talk about Gypsy water and Mojave ghost perfumes because everyone is talking about it and wearing it.This is a well experimented review to find the best feminine scents for you.Our review is strictly feminine,no unisex and is based on how they smell and the essential oils we scent,how they make you feel,type of people that will like each and where you can wear them to.

#5: Blanche

This is a floral aldehyde fragrance for women. Its top notes are Aldehydes, Rose and Pink Pepper; middle notes are Peony, Violet and African Orange flower; base notes are Musk, Woodsy Notes and Sandalwood.It reminds me a bit of Coco Mademoiselle with a mix of Gucci bloom.

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#4: 1996

It was inspired by a photograph taken by a little girl by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, titled Korsten 1996.Ben Gorham interprets this perfume with notes of black pepper, leather, violet, black amber and patchouli. It has a very feminine and childlike scent.

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#3: Rose Of No Man’s Land

This is a tribute to the nurses of the World War 1 who were called the Roses of No Man’s Land. The fragrance is a soft composition of pink pepper, raspberry blossom and Turkish rose. It smells feminine, clean and comforting.If you’re a lover of roses then this is for you

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#2: Flower Head

This is supposed to be a scent of a visionary of an Indian traditional weddings where flowers are everywhere and flower heads are strung together on giant leis which are exchanged between bride and groom as a token of mutual respect.

If you’re going to a special event,this is the perfume to wear. It smells floral and exotic.Its top notes are Angelica Seeds, Lingonberry, Sicilian Lemon.Heart notes are Dewy Tuberose, Rose Petals, Wild Jasmine Sambac.Base notes are Fresh Amber, Suede.

If you love floral scents then this is for you.

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#1: La Tulipe

This perfume is a very sexy,feminine scent that uplifts you. It has this sophisticated floral with soft rose and lily of the valley notes. It is a fantasized and visionary scent of a tulip because tulips don’t have a scent and is supposed to be a representation of the fresh scent of spring.Its scent notes are Rhubarb, cyclamen, freesia, tulip, blond woods and vetiver.This perfume is best for when you want a breath of fresh air.It is a very calm and subdued feminine scent.

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Like we said ,Byredo is the best niche perfume store for us.Be on the lookout for more reviews on Byredo perfumes by us.

Please tell us which is your best in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “5 Feminine Byredo Scents Every Woman Should Wear

  1. I was looking for a perfume to get for my wife’s birthday and I stumbled on this piece . I will go with the rose of no man’s land,because she’s a nurse.Thanks for this wonderful piece

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  2. I use flowerhead and blanche. I’m one of those people that can’t use just one perfume.And the lady asking why Gypsy water clearly didn’t read the title and post till the end.Gypsy water is supposed to be a unisex perfume and the post clearly says strictly feminine scents.Great work Tee!💪🏻

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